San Antonio Spurs Have Some Awesome Tattooed Players!

San Antonio Spurs Have Some Awesome Tattooed Players!

The San Antonio Spurs are have some brilliant players, who have some awesome tattoos!
Tattoos and basketball go hand in hand, there are numerous players sporting ink and showing that the NBA has some serious tattoo game. A number of San Antonio Spurs players are included in this! The San Antonio Express newspaper recently took some time to give the players' ink a closer look and we're glad they did. San Antonio has some great tattooed players and here are some of the best!
Spurs shooting guard Rasual Butler's tattoos are themed around his family and honor those most important to him and his journey. Although, he actually got his first tattoo 'Sual' (an abbreviation of his name) when he was 16 at a tattoo party! A year later he got some ink with more meaning when he got his daughter's, Raven, name tattooed on his right arm with her birth date below.
Rasual Butler
 “All my tattoos mean something. I just don’t have any randomness on my body. It has meaning to me...When I got these tattoos, they all meant something to me. They were at specific times when I needed to express myself and to remember some things, and have some visuals of it. They are tributes basically.”
A Tribute To His Daughter!
Butler's most meaningful tattoo is of an anatomical heart which is a tribute to his parents “It’s the connection between my mom and my dad. … This (tattoo) is my favorite one. It means the most. It’s the deepest because it’s for my dad who is gone, but my mom is represented in it and so am I.”
Butler's Anatomical Heart Tattoo
Center forward LaMarcus Aldridge has meaningful tattoos as well, only this time they are more related with religious nature. On his left left arm he has the word 'Faith' tattooed and the meaning is clear.
“If I didn’t have faith, I wouldn’t be here,” he said. “God kept me confident. God kept me working hard; helped me believe that I belonged here. Coming from where I come from, a lot of people don’t graduate, much less make it to the NBA.”
LaMarcus Aldridge's Faith Tattoo
On his right arm are the words 'Truly Blessed', a tattoo he got while still in 11th grade! The tattoo has come to represent his life journey and the route it has taken from school to the NBA! He also has some substantial work on his chest and back but nothing without meaning or thought behind it.
'Truly Blessed' shoulder tattoo
“All my tattoos are thought out...I’ve never got a tattoo on a whim. … Most of my tattoos have meaning and (are about) faith. Some guys just go get tattoos because it’s fun, but I didn’t do that.”
LaMarcus Aldridge
Tim Duncan has spent his entire career playing for the San Antonio Spurs and has given the team everything, sadly he didn't give his fist tattoo such focus. Getting it on a bit of a whim, Duncan got a Merlin tattoo after the end of his first season while visiting a tattoo shop with some friends.
“I just kind of went with one of the wall pictures and picked something I liked,”
Duncan's Merlin and Jester Tattoos!
Merlin has since been joined by Duncan's childrens names and a jester head. He also has a large biochemical tattoo covering the right side of his back!
Tim Duncan
One of the most tattooed Spurs player is shooting guard Jonathon Simmons who has substantial work on his arms. Yet, unlike his fellow players they don't all have deep personal meaning, an example being the flames that cover the top of his arms which are simply there to fill in the gaps and bring his other tattoos together.
Jonathon Simmons
Part Of Simmons Arm Tattoo
Simmons was also keen to enlighten the world on the pain of getting tattooed; “It’s not that fun getting a needle in your skin, especially some places, (The pain) has you about to cry. Not literally cry, but almost.” Of course the pain hasn't put off the San Antonio Spurs as they're clearly one of most tattooed teams in the NBA!
San Antonio Spurs Players
Spurs Small Forward Kawhi Leonard
Spurs Shooting Guard Danny Green
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