Sarah Hyland Get’s New Dr. Woo Tattoo

The "Modern Family" star went back to Dr. Woo to get some new ink!
Dr Woo posted a picture last weekend of his new work and tagged the actress, Sarah Hyland. The tattoo is an inscription writing “Follow my heartbeat” with a small flower at the end.
Sarah's new Dr Woo ink! Via @_dr_woo_
This is not the first time Dr. Woo tattooed Sarah. After some bad situations with her ex-boyfriend, she got a hummingbird behind her ear which the artist made with his signature fine line details.
Sarah's Dr Woo Hummingbird, via Daily Mail
Close look at the hummingbird tattoo, via Instagram
Sarah also has an arrow on her back that she got with a friend and her current boyfriend. This piece is however not done by Dr. Woo…
Sarah posted the collage at the Instagram