Shaken, Not Stirred: Epic 007 James Bond Tattoos

Shaken, Not Stirred: Epic 007 James Bond Tattoos

From Tattoodo, with love - we had to share these awesome James Bond Tattoos.
James Bond (007) is a fictional British Service Agent created by writer Ian Fleming, who featured the character in 12 novels.

Bond has been adapted for TV, radio, video games, and most popularly... films. Since Fleming's death, other writers have continued the James Bond journey in novels and short stories. 

The James Bond movies are the the longest continually running film series in the world. With 24 films and 6 different Bond actors, there's lots to work with if you're thinking of getting a 007 tattoo.

From simple symbols to epic realistic artworks, we love these varied James Bond tattoos from around the world.
Martini, revolver, bow tie, cigarette, slick hair... couldn't be anyone other than Bond. Tattoo by Betsy Butler.
Daniel Craig as 007, by Sergey Shanko, Moscow, Russia.
Sean Connery and Rolex by Benjamin Laukis, Melbourne, Australia.
Spectre symbol by Cassandra Bruni, Belgium.
007 logo, artist unknown, from Instagram @clara_moon.
Martini. Shaken, not stirred. Tattoo by Fede Perla Madonna.
Connery as James Bond, by Suno Park Tattoos, Korea.
Realistic Daniel Craig as 007 by Endre, London, UK.
Eva Green as Vespa in Casino Royale, by Guy Tinsley.
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