Star Wars Daisy Ridley's Cute Tattoos

Star Wars Daisy Ridley's Cute Tattoos

The Star Wars muse Daisy Ridley was in Miami Beach for the New Years and showed the ink with a nice high-cut swimsuit.
Daisy made a big disturbance in the force down in Miami in this swimsuit, but what caught our attention was her tiny spiritual tattoo, that until now was “hidden”.
The triangle tattoo with a line on top is the symbol for the element of air in alchemy. And for the archaic pseudoscience it was believed to be the symbol of the spiritual awakening.
Daisy and her tiny spiritual tattoo
It's tiny, but she does make everything look good
Daisy also has a couple of stars on her left foot, which she admitted doing when she was 15 years old!
The Beautiful Daisy, and her foot tattoo, via Glamour UK
Detail on her foot tattoo.
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