Story Of A Mom Who Updated Her Tattoo For Her FTM Transgender Child

Lindsay Peace is a proud mom who updated her tattoo for her FTM transgender child. She and her family want to honor the true self of Ace.
Last New Year's Eve, when Ace came out as a transgender, he asked his mother to remove the tattoo. Instead, she decided to transform the tattoo to reflect Ace's true identity. This was an idea of Lindsay's husband, Steve, who is a tattoo artist at Immaculate Concepts and also the artist of the original portrait tattoo of Ace. “Parents need to really support their kids in these situations, I thought he was happy before, but no — he’s happier now. It’s crazy. He smiles all the time", Steve told Metro News.
In reality, many trans people are rejected from their loved ones, thus this story is truly inspiring!
The Peace family/ Photo credits: Metro News
Before the tattoo was of a typical girly girl in a pink dress with pigtails. After the transformation, you can see Ace wearing a blue shirt and shorts.
Portrait tattoo - before and after
Lindsay Peace, mom who updated her tattoo for her FTM transgender child / Photo credits: Global Calgary