Stunning Tattoo Art Of Rauno Oidram

Artist alert: meet the talented tattoo artist Rauno Oidram who creates dark yet stunning tattoo art inspired by realism.
We bring to you another noteworthy young tattoo artist Rauno Oidram who is based in Estonia, Tallinn. He is also known as "Keefirivunts" that represents the name of his own brand he has created for himself and for his tattoo shop. Rauno's work stands out because of his artistic dark touch on the tattoos using mostly the black and gray color palette. In his tattooing style he focuses mostly on realistic portraits and old-school style tattoos, but also uses geometric lines and dotwork.
Rauno aka Keefirivunts describes his passion for tattooing in the video at the end of this post. In the video he explains that "this is not just work but rather a lifestyle" for him. He has had many strange professions including smith, electrician, ceramist, stonecutter and so on but if he would have chosen the path of journeywork, "he never would have found that creative side of himself and most importantly, tattooing", he says in the video. "I want to do this today and definately even when I'm 80 years old."
Make sure to follow his tattoo art on Instagram and Facebook. Also, he is currently working on his webpage, so keep yourself tuned!
(PS: The video is only in Estonian, but you can still enjoy the beautiful drawings and tattoos)