Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice: 14 Powerpuff Girls Tattoos

Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice: 14 Powerpuff Girls Tattoos

Remember this awesome cartoon about thee kick-ass mini superheroes? You can definitely kick ass with these insane Powerpuff Girls tattoos!

No little girl growing up in the 90s, DIDN'T aspire to be a Powerpuff Girl. Me, I wanted to be Buttercup.

If you're not familiar with these three kick-ass mini superheroes, they're the accidental test-tube children of a brainy scientist and now they fight crime, save the world and take on evil villains such as a monkey and a transvestite, sexy devil. 


What perfect pop culture characters for potential tattoos... childhood icons that represented female companionship, immense bravery and girls just generally kicking ass.
Buttercup tattoo by Laura Anunnaki.
Powerpuff pillowfight! Tattoo by Linnea.
Princess Morbucks tattoo by Christa (Instagram @chrisritch).
Powerpuff tattoo by Julia, Dabs Tattoo, Southampton, UK.
Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup! By Joe Who, Seattle.
Powerpuff girls tattoo by Chris Freeborg.
Amazing finger tattoos by Zoe Lorraine.
Hugs! Tattoo by Matt Daniels, UK.
Bunny Bubbles tattoo by Laura Anunnaki.
Blossom and Chemical X! Tattoo by Aaron Johnson.
HIM, the devilish baddie, tattoo by Robert Cabello.
Amazing shading in this Buttercup tattoo by Chris Morris, Keep The Faith Social Club, Cardiff, UK.
Ms. Sara Bellum by Cherub, Instagram @tattoosbycherub.
Amazing half sleeve Powerpuff tattoo by Makkala Rose, New Zealand.
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