Surreal Original Black Tattoos By Jaya Suartika

Surreal Original Black Tattoos By Jaya Suartika

These tattoos by Jaya Suartika are unlike anything you guys have seen before!
Jaya Suartika is a tattoo artist from Adelaide, Australia. He does mostly black work tattoos but the thing that got me interested with his work is his surreal tattoo designs that are clearly inspired by traditional style. The flat blacks, dots, and shading technique used in a different surreal look make Jaya Suartika tattoos really distinct!
All photos are taken from his Instagram account.
Cool shoulder tattoo
Heart tattoo
Deer tattoo
Skull tattoo with diamonds
Skull and wolf tattoo
Dagger x skull
Winged skull tattoo
Cool design and concept
Lady with cat and keys, awesome tattoo by Jaya Suartika
Guitar Man and snak, tattoo
Amazing stomach tattoo composition
Forearm tattoo
King tattoo by Jaya Suartika
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