Talented Twins: Tattoos by Roma And Nick Broslavskiy

Talented Twins: Tattoos by Roma And Nick Broslavskiy

Roma and Nick Broslavskiy are creating odd and beautiful engraving style tattoos.
Sometimes, twins are so close they can develop the same taste for art. It is the case of Roma and Nick Broslavskiy. The Ukrainian twins are both tattoo artists in Kiev. And, surprisingly, they are sharing the same love for dark, esoteric and bizarre engraving style tattoos... The work of Nick, also known as Nikita, is adding cosmic colors to intricate designs, inspired by architecture and surrealistic religious art. Roma (actually Roman) is more focused on conceptual blackwork. But the two brothers' universes are definitely communicating, both with a mysterious beauty.
The work of Nikita aka Nick Broslavskiy uses the colors of nebula teamed with old engravings.
Fancy vulture.
Captivating lady.
Creative lightbulb.
Esoteric influences.
Powerful female portrait.
Intense Buddha tattoo.
Fun T-Rex!
Vivid T-Rex skull.
The work of Roman aka Roma Broslavskiy is darker yet full of humor...
Nice composition.
Instant crush...
Surrealistic piece.
Full of poetry.
Bizarre beauty.
Landscape portrait.
Goddess of the Universe.
To see the art of Nick Broslavskiy, click here, and for the one of Roma Broslavskiy, here...
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