#TattoodoBabes of the Week: Madison Skye, Misty Mason & More

A round up of your favorite #tattoodobabes this week! Featuring Madison Skye, Misty Mason & More
If you follow us on Instagram you already know we post a winning combo of the best tattoo art, artists, creatives, collectors, and #tattoodobabes in the industry. We'll go as far to claim that our page might just be the finest tattoo 'gram there is. What makes it so fine you ask? Good question. My 11 reasons are as follows...
1. Julia Coldfront
2. Lucky Hell
3. Alee Rose
4. Samii Ryan
5. Michelle Maron
6. Sarah Ve
7. Julia Coldfront
7. because if you're bubble-bathing without cupcakes, you're doing it wrong. @thesoundofbreakingup
8. Misty Mason
9. Valentina Belleza
it's wine-o'clock somewhere... @valentinabelleza
10. Madison Skye
11. Toots
and yes, we're including @ianelkins puppy, 'cause look at that face!