Tattooed Irish Hunk Is About To Mix Things Up In Celebrity Big Brother

Tattooed Irish stunner, Jeremy McConnell is bound to shake things up in the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother!
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The words above are just some of the things people thought of this fine piece of specimen from Dublin we will be seeing more of in the small screen. See for yourself.
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There’s a new housemate this season—and he’s a tattooed hunk. This sweet piece of Irish lad goes by the name Jeremy McConnell and he’s here to really mix things up in the Celebrity Big Brother House.
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The former Mr. Ireland finalist and reality TV darling is positive about it. He shared what the viewers may expect from him in the latest season of CBB. “I’d love to see single girls in the house, I'll certainly show off a little bit, I'll be walking around in my boxers a lot,” he said.
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But if anything and you’ve seen that dazzling smile somewhere, then you’ll be quite familiar with the familiar streak of a lad and a ladies’ man McConnell has as seen on MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs. He was the designated resident player in that one which caused up all kinds of trouble among the womenfolk.
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Armed with the good ol’ Irish charm and not to mention, a body fitted with a suit of black and grey, colour, and neo trads, you’ll be feeling Cupid’s arrow impale you in no time. You know what they say about guys from Dublin.
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McConnell is pretty honest with what he’ll be up to in Big Brother house in an interview with Mirror. “I’m single and I’m ready to mingle, let’s be honest. I’m looking forward to this madhouse.”
And even before he stepped in the CBB house, he already expressed who he’s got his eyes on in the house—Megan McKenna and Stephanie Davies, who is currently dating model Sam Reece.
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McConnell is still a relatively unknown star in the UK but CBB just might change that, with all the curious and tweets of viewers who’s gotten a good look at him in the premiere. “Oooook the Irish accent he is fine who is he? #cbb hello Jeremy,” tweets one TOWIE babe.
Will this tattooed Irish swooner charm his way to the top of the CBB house? Or will his womanising ways drag him down and back to Ireland? Only one way to find out.