The 15 Most Badass Sleeves Of 2015

The 15 Most Badass Sleeves Of 2015

The Most Badass Sleeves of 2015. This is by far, one of the most difficult posts we've put together to date.
But we feel good about it. As good as one might feel after being asked to choose your favorite kid or sibling.
The art of tattooing has progressed over the years, and we're seeing many styles that are totally and completely new and awesome to us. Color portraits, Hyper-realism, Watercolor, and those spacey-trippy-galaxy tattoos all come to mind. Though those styles are kind of trendy and like-nothing-we've-ever-seen-before it's hard to say what they'll look like in 5-10 years time, without having black outlines and black shading to hold them together while they age.
The truth of the matter is... they generally kind of fall apart. So this year, we're taking it back to the basics. In no particular order we give you our fave 15 of 2015, all of which have been built to stand the test of time. Tried, and true. Because after all, aren't tattoos supposed to last?
Bold Japanese style tattoo sleeve #ReginoGonzales
Regino Gonzales (@rg74) is one of the hardest working tattooers you'll have the pleasure to meet. We'd go as far as to say he is also one of today's true masters of Japanese tattooing in the United States. His work is consistently clean, bold, strong - and entirely badass.
Roxx (roxx_____) makes really beautiful geometric and mandala designs. This impeccably clean blackwork sleeve was a standout for 2015.
We are big fans of Johan Svahn's (@johansvahntattooing) large scale Japanese tattoos.
It was hard to choose just one photo, so here's another! Johan Svahn (@johansvahntattooing)
This sleeve is bold and strong, yet still very feminine. No easy task to pull off unless you're Guy Le.
Native american leg sleeve #DrewApicture
Drew Apicture (@da_ink) happens to be a favorite among our followers especially. This awesome Native American/ Nature leg sleeve is definitely a contender for most badass of the year.
Polynesian master Jeroen Franken (@jeroenfranken) does it again.
Koi fish sleeve #ChrisGarver
What kind of things can we say about Chris Garver (@chrisgarver)... he's basically a wizard from another realm. This unplanned, gorgeous leg sleeve began with a single Koi fish.
Buddha sleeve #JunCha
For those of you who really like black and grey pieces. Here is a soft, smooth, and beautiful Buddha sleeve made by Jun Cha (@juncha)
Awesome tattoo sleeve #GuyLe
Another beauty by Guy Le, and because chicks can be badass too.
Cobra sleeve
Traditional heavy-hitter Grez is so painfully under-the-radar to most, and he likes it that way. We however, must give credit where due. This Cobra sleeve is totally badass, and one of the best we've seen all year. (@kingsavetattoo)
Dotwork sleeve #SavannahColleen
Savannah Colleen (@savannahcolleen) the dotwork Queen. These tattoos we're one of the most-liked photos on our social media all YEAR.
Skull and flower tattoo sleeve #ReginoGonzales
Regino Gonzales (@rg74) is killing it dead, as usual. You can't really go wrong with a strong skull and flowers.
Black and grey portrait #CrisMataafa
Stunning intricate detail in a pretty B&G portrait made by Chris Mata'afa @dr_chrismataafa.
Traditional cobra sleeve #TimHendricks
Another badass traditional Cobra sleeve, this one made by Tim Hendricks. Basically because we really like Cobras and Tim Hendricks (@timhendricks).
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