The Badass Neo Traditional Art Of Kat Abdy

The neo traditional tattooing of Kat Abdy is so stylish and badass.
If you are into bold large scale neo traditional pieces, you will immediatly fall for the gorgeous work of Kat Abdy. The Australian tattoo artist is based at theĀ Cloak and Dagger tattoo studio in London, UK. She is mastering portraits of female heroines, all elegant, mysterious and fatale... Kat Abdy is also very skilled when it comes to animal kingdom, and you can't do nothing but love the dark twist she puts in her designs...
Less words, more images: let's admire the intense and gorgeous tattoos of Kat Abdy!
Epic female warrior.
Elegant beauty.
Ancient Egypt queen.
Stylish swan.
Epic sleeve.
Lovely hawk.
Creative composition.
Mysterious chestpiece.
Exquisite portrait.
Dark lady.
Badass backpiece!
Tempting Eve...
Bold neckpiece.
Esoteric fox.
Amazing cat lady...
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