The Bold Brushtroke Tattoos Of Lee Stewart

The Bold Brushtroke Tattoos Of Lee Stewart

Rorschach inkblot test and sumi-e painting are an inspiration to Lee Stewart and his bold brushstrokes tattoos.
Originally from Berlin, now based in Australia, tattoo artist Lee Stewart is creating some unique and bold tattoos. Using black ink only, he questions the limits of abstract art and tributes to Japanese calligraphy and paintings, the sumi-e. Lee Stewart caught the eye of the contemporary tattoo art community with bold Rorschach test tattoos.
But he is also making minimalistic animals with brushstroke effects, as well as even more conceptual line tattoos.
Sumi-e leopard.
Sumi-e fennec.
Abstract brushstroke design.
Bold spine tattoo.
Sumi-e fox.
Freehan brushstrokes
Lovely details on this Graphic deer.
Abstract brushstroke art.
Sumi-e owl.
Pretty little Sumi-e bird.
Sumi-e/brushstroke flamingo.
Calligraphy style.
Sumi-e flower.
Elegant brushstrokes
If you are fascinated by graphic tattoo and eager to push the limits of body art, then you should learn more about Lee Stewart, for example by following him on Instagram...
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