The Creative Dotwork Of Mico Goldobin

The Creative Dotwork Of Mico Goldobin

Black created from dotwork, colors coming from psychedelic trips: these are the secrets of the art of Mico Goldobin.
Based at Tartu-Tattoo Studio in Tartu, Estonia, Mico Goldobin is creating one of the most unique tattoos of this planet. At a first glance, you could find his work quite minimalistic, with geometry, efficient designs and black tint areas. But if you take a closer look, you will discover how intricate his tattoos are, with millions of tiny dots. Most of the black areas of his designs are indeed made of dotwork. He is also using vivid colors, graphic effects as well as sacred geometry. Each of his tattoos is unique, original and inspiring. Mico Goldobin inspirations are coming from Nature, Asia and visual illustrations. Get in touch with him on Facebook.
Elegant flowers.
Epic spider! Love the color!
Trippy monster by Mico Goldobin.
Hindu mythology inspired gorgeous tattoo...
Cool hand piece by Mico Goldobin.
Stylish wristband.
Wicked hand tattoo...
Cute seahorse...
Graphic piece.
Minimalistic but pretty.
Geometric fox head.
Superb anatomical heart!
Rock Lobster!
Sacred geometry swallows.
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