The Crown Prince of Denmark Flashes His Tattoos at the Beach

The Crown Prince of Denmark Flashes His Tattoos at the Beach

The Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark shows off his two Navy tattoos while on vacation with the family in Australia
The Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederik has two tattoos from his days as an elite soldier in the Navy. The Prince's grandfather King Frederik IX who reigned from 1947 - 1972 was also a tattooed royal with birds and dragons on his arms and chest which he got during the Navy service too.
The 47 year old Crown Prince has a shark on his lower leg which is the insignia of the Danish Navy's elite frogmen, divers who perform covert ops for the Naval forces.
The Crown Prince's shark tattoo in honor of his division in the Navy corps. Image courtesy of Getty Images
The tattoo on his upper arm is a reference to his nickname "Pingo" (from Penguin) which he got after completing his training to become an official frogman.
This tattoo represents his Naval nickname "Pingo"
Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark with his stunning wife Princess Mary
The prince's grandfather King Frederik IX despite having tattoos himself passed a law in 1966 prohibiting tattooing of the face, neck, hands and feet. The law is still in effect today, but since tattooing is growing in popularity among Danes they are trying to get rid of the 50 year old law.
King Frederik XI displays his Naval tattoos
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