The Dainty Flower and Plant Tattoos of Sasha Mezoghlian

The Dainty Flower and Plant Tattoos of Sasha Mezoghlian

No one does delicate plants and flower tattoos like Sasha Mezoghlian!
Sasha Mezoghlian is tattooist and co-owner of The Darling Parlour, Balmain, Sydney, Australia.

I love botanical tattoos -  but they've got to be done right to truly capture the life and vivacity of nature's plants and flowers. Sasha's bold bright designs are just perfect - if I could cover my whole body in floral tattoos from Sasha, I'd be a very happy tattooed gal!

Seeing her designs for each piece - berries, branches, petals, grass - just makes me want to see more!
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Native Australian berries tattoo.
Vine leaf flowers of Chile.
Native Australian berries.
Flower bunch tattoo.
Beautiful shoulder flower tattoo.
Flower tattoo including kangaroo grass.
Wisteria branch tattoo.
Wisteria branch tattoo - amazing colours!
Cherry Blossom back tattoo by Sasha Mezoghlian
Rose tattoo.
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