The Delicate Watercolor Tattoos Of Baris Yesilbas

The Delicate Watercolor Tattoos Of Baris Yesilbas

Turkish tattoo artist Baris Yesilbas creates beautiful geometric watercolor tattoos.
Baris Yesilbas describes his own transition to becoming a tattoo artist as "the most unique story".

Half-way through studying for an Economics degree, Baris had a feeling it wasn't his destiny, and so dropped-out suddenly to work at a courier delivery service. When his tattoo artist offered him an apprenticeship, and he said yes, his life changed forever.

The wording on his website focuses on his journey into tattoo art, and encourages people to take risks.

"This is the greatest risk I took in my life because I didn’t know if I was going to succeed. I’ve met thousands of different people, heard their stories, became a part of their life and family, listened to their experiences and learnt from their mistakes. Also, I’m pretty sure that I inspired a lot of people and encouraged them to take risks in their lives."

His delicate tattoos are artistic, unique and precise - each one looks different, and embraces the effect of watercolor in a meaningful way. Rather than random, sporadic splashes of colour, his tiny designs are clearly well thought-out and there's meaning behind every detail.

All photos are from Baris' Facebook page.
Origami watercolor bird tattoo by Baris Yesilbas.
Geometric bird tattoo.
Mountain landscape.
Watercolor design by Baris Yesilbas.
Cool geometric shape tattoo.
Bright colors in this Northern Lights design.
Watercolor camera tattoo.
Watercolor cat tattoo by Baris Yesilbas.
Tree branch arm design.
Tiny and perfect watercolor birds.
Constellation tattoo design.
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