The Destructured Tattoos Of Jubsss

Get to know the graphic art of Jubsss, a French artist who enjoys pushing the limits.
Jubsss works in Strasbourg, in the east of France, in the shop Contraseptik that he shares with his wife Lili Cathenod, specialized in body modifications. The couple is at the avant-garde of French (and even European) body art and enjoys pushing its limits, especially with suspension.
This quest for extreme beauty and freedom is visible in the work of Jubsss. The front man of grindcore band Chiens has a very unique and creative visual universe. He started experiencing complex geometry with pieces that stunned the world with uses of red and blue ink, and especially the connection of two limbs. But his split tattoos have leaded him ahead, exploring graphic art in more ambitious designs.
His destructured animal tattoos are eye-catching and vibrant. He mixes cosmic elements, surrealism, different tattoo techniques and, indeed, humor. If Jubsss uses his throat in music, his tattoos have guts. Large scale and bold placements are the icing on the cake. You can catch Jubsss in his guests in France and Europe or in European tattoo conventions. And for more terrific tattoos and bodmods, you can take a look at Jubsss and Lili's website and Instagram.