The Disney Adventure Never Ends: More Amazing Up Tattoos

The adventure never ends with these amazing Up tattoos - of course inspired by Disney Pixar's animated movie, Up!
We recently looked at some of the best balloon house tattoos, but Carl's house isn't the only popular symbol from the movie that's inspires tattoos and tattoo art.

With many colourful characters (including a weird looking bird named Kevin), and symbols of love, friendship and adventure, there's so much imagery to work with if you're looking to get an Up tattoo!
Russell, by Andy Walker, Hull, UK.
A young Carl, by Andy Walker, Hull, UK.
Kevin, taken from Instagram @calaveratattoo.
Adventure is out there... Tattoo by Instagram @creepytattoo.sevilla.
Carl Fredricksen tattoo by Edgar Monjo.
Up tattoo by Blake Meeks.
Carl tattoo by Hernan Rojas Art.
Carl tattoo by Instagram @idrawcartoonz104.
The grape soda badge by Nghia Chung.
Carl and Ellie, tattoo by Royal Mike.