The Flawless Flower And Fauna Tattoos of Makkala Rose

The Flawless Flower And Fauna Tattoos of Makkala Rose

Makkala Rose creates bright and beautiful tattoos of flowers, animals and much more!
There are some tattoo artists' portfolios in which each tattoo is better than the last - evidence of an artist that's constantly trying to push their own artistic boundaries. For me, one of these people is Makkala Rose.

The New Zealand-based tattoo artist constructs bold neo-traditional designs that have depth, variety, color and originality.
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Flowers and feathers by Makkala Rose.
Beautiful tiger tattoo.
Tiger tattoo by Makkala Rose.
Epic side piece, with so much detail and color.
The background in this owl tattoo sleeve really brings it to life.
The detail in this anatomical heart flower tattoo!
Flower cone tattoo.
Geometric shapes make this unicorn one of a kind.
Flawless tattooing.
Delicate paisley rose design.
Watercolor bird tattoo design - look at the geometric detail in his feathers.
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