The Paintbrush Art Of Chen Jie

The Paintbrush Art Of Chen Jie

Chen Jie creates watercolor and brushstroke tattoos inspired by ancient Chinese art.
Based in Beijing, in China, Chen Jie is creating beautiful small tattoos. Inspired by the ancient Chinese arts of painting and calligraphy, they seem to be made by a graceful paintbrush. They resemble to the simplicity and dynamism of Japanese ukiyo-e, which also inspires tattoo art. Precious, refined and poetic, the tattoos of Chen Jie will make you fall in love with them. They will be especially coveted by admirers of watercolor tattoos and nature lovers. Chinese is perhaps a bit far, but we will always have Instagram.
Adorable monkey....
Sumi-e style cherry blossom.
Great tiger.
Stunning pine cone tattoo by Chen Jie!
Poetic tree.
Lovely rabbit!
Exquisite spine rose.
Yin and Yang koi fishes.
Poetic style.
Elegant shoulder tattoo.
Dancing cranes.
Beautiful cat...
Artistic whale.
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