The Pure Minimalism Of Banul

The Pure Minimalism Of Banul

South Korean tattooist Banul creates discreet and winsome tattoos.
South Korean tattoo artists are famous for their poetic minimalism and Banul is illustrating this trend perfectly. This Seoul-based artist favors small tattoos. Always romantic, they are inspired by nature, childhood and poetic illustrations. Banul also includes some graphic elements in bigger pieces, with a refined creativity. If for you size doesn't matter when it comes to your love for ink, you will find the portfolio of tattooist Banul very aesthetically pleasing.
Subtle koi fishes.
Holy graphic art by Banul.
Poetic tattoos.
Exquisite butterflies.
Badass heroine.
Zen landscape.
Pretty unicorn.
Romantic dancer by.
Lovely portrait.
Creative composition.
Flying fish.
Sacred tree.
Cute Mumins.
Subtle lavender.
Charming surrealism.
Endearing kitty.