The Real Reason Why Harry Styles Covered Up His Tattoos

The Real Reason Why Harry Styles Covered Up His Tattoos

A few weeks ago the story about Harry Styles covering up his two tattoos went viral on the internet. We might know why he did it.
Previously, the 21 year old One Direction singer had the writings “Things I Can” and “Things I Can’t” tattooed on his left and right forearm.
The Things I Can Tattoo..
...And the Things I Can't one
A while ago he covered the “Can’t” one with a Holy Bible design. And people started asking questions.
The cover up of the Holy Bible
Now he showed up with a flying eagle covering up the “Things I Can” tattoo, and fans on the internet are making all kinds of assumptions. But the answer is actually really simple!
Harry's new cover up eagle tattoo
The tattoos original tattoos were not too impressive! The singer cares about style and design, and he does have some cool designs in his collection. So why keep those ugly ones?
A closer look at the eagle cover up
I hope this theory breaks all of the other ones, and it proves that the singer is going for better looking and well thought tattoos!
Harry Styles
Here you can see more of Harry's ink.
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