The Sparkly Kawaii Tattoos Of Laura Anunnaki

The Sparkly Kawaii Tattoos Of Laura Anunnaki

Laura Annunaki's kawaii tattoos almost has it own could call it sparkling pinkwork!
The pink-haired tattoo artist Laura Annunaki (or Laura Aguilar) is based in Mexico. Obsessed by Pokemons and other cute creatures of Japanese animation, she creates small tattoos with a lot of vivid colors and sparkling effects. Indeed, pink is the dominant visual element of her creations, following the pinkwork trend (as opposed as blackwork).
If you are fan of Sailor Moon, Pokemons, Hamtaro and other kawaii little creatures, the portfolio of Laura Annunaki is certainly made for your greater pleasure...
Sailor Moon.
Mermaid kitty.
Ice cream kitty.
Cute mouse.
Fantasy koi.
Lucky cat.
Rainbow cat.
Hand piece.
Funny kitty.
My Little Pony.
Jiggly Puff Pokemon ice cream.
Puff Girls.
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