The Spooky Pop Surrealist Tattoos Of Kelly Doty

The Spooky Pop Surrealist Tattoos Of Kelly Doty

Get spooky and sweet with these New School-inspired, surrealist pop culture tattoos by the lovely Kelly Doty!
If you're into New School tattoos and dark, delightful things, you came to the right place. Let us introduce you to your new favorite tattoo artist, Kelly Doty. Kelly mainly works in a New School-ish surrealist style, playing with lots of vibrant colors which aims to make the portraits really pop out. She tattooes a lot of horror-themed pop culture pieces, with her clients specifically choosing her to do the job.
by Kelly Doty
Aughra from Dark Crystal tattoo
Kelly tattoos at The Gold Dust Gallery in Salem, Massachusetts.
Oola from Star Wars by Kelly Doty
Can't get enough of Star Wars hype? There's more here!
King of Hearts tattoo
One thing you'll notice about Kelly's style is the way she almost never fails to add her distinct touch on the tattoos which can be most recognized with the metal accents like over-the-top black eyeliner, finishing off with an inverted cross.
Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo
Snow White tattoo
by Kelly Doty
The Crow tattoo
Now that you think about it, some of Kelly's works remind me of Anrijs Straume's!
Maleficent tattoo
There's more wickedly enchanting Maleficent tattoos here!
Morticia Addams of The Addams Family tattoo
Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family tattoo
In the mood for some quality Addams family time? Get in here, love.
by Kelly Doty
by Kelly Doty
Lilith-inspired design
Edgar Allan Poe tattoo
Kelly Doty
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