The Subtle Handpoke Tattoos Of Woody Hills

The Subtle Handpoke Tattoos Of Woody Hills

Woody Hills is one the trending names of minimalistic handpoke tattoo.
This young French artist has indeed made himself a reputation in the world of tattoo art by using an ancient technique such as handpoke. His tattoos are inspired by neo tribal, mehndi, ethnic and ornamental styles. Coming from skate and metal world, his first taste of tattoo art was indeed the old school style with its bold lines. With time and experience Woody Hills' lines have become thinner, with subtle dots.
His creations soon attracted an international recognition, with celebrities such as Ninja of South African band Die Antwoord coming to his shop of Lille, Sorry Mama, to get tattooed by him. If you are seduced by the handmade dotwork and linework of Woody Hills, you can get in touch via his Facebook and Instagram pages.
Woody tattooing Ninja of Die Antwoord.
Nice geometric patterns.
Great wristband.
Delicate dotwork artichoke.
Cool matching anklets.
Subtle sternum tattoo...
Gorgeous hip piece.
Negative space dotwork.
Charming wristband.
Dainty one.
Elegant dots.
Stomach neo tribal.
Lovely mandala tattoo.
A wonderful hip tattoo!
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