The Sumptuous Neo Traditional Tattoos Of Eilo Martin

The Sumptuous Neo Traditional Tattoos Of Eilo Martin

Stylish and colorful tattoos of Eilo Martin for all the fans of neo traditionalism out there.
Based at MTL tattoo studio in Montréal, in the French part of Canada, Elodie Martin, most famous as Eilo Martin, is one the most respected names of neo traditional tattoo style. With stylish designs, full of fancy details and eye-catching colors, Eilo Martin is creating jaw-dropping female portraits, animal tattoos and more. You can find some Native American inspiration in her designs, as well as the classic beauty of Art Nouveau and of Japanese art. See more sumptuous tattoos made by Eilo Martin on Instagram.
Exquisite details...
Fancy fox piece.
Lovely dog tribute.
Epic backpiece!
Bold eagle tattoo.
Cute fennec.
Stunning Native woman.
Dainty Gypsy.
Gorgeous lady!
Endearing mice.
Stylish phoenix.
Gorgeous sacred heart.
Fancy heron.
Alice in Wonderland themed tattoo by Eilo Martin.
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