The Tattooed Street Art Of Fin Dac

The work of artist Fin DAC gathers the beauties of street art, women and tattoos.
He is world-renown for his modern geishas, half nude, tattooed and rebel. Fin DAC (also known as Finbarr DAC) is one of the greatest names of urban art right now. His stencil portraits, completed by stylish touches of vivid colors, are giving a sensual and badass beauty to the walls of some of the biggest cities. The Irish artist, based in London, loves adding detailed tattoos to his muses, who are often sporting Japanese traditional tattoos, but also neo tribal, old school and neo traditional pieces. Self-taught and non conformist, he is paying a great tribute to body art with his large scale murals and prints. For more tattooed and wild art, take a look at his Facebook and Instagram pages.