The UK's Hand-Poke Tattoo Artists

The UK's Hand-Poke Tattoo Artists

Here are some UK hand-poke tattoo artists who make tattoos using their hands only, and no machines!
The term hand-poke means machine-free tattooing. No electricity, no power, just tools (often wooden and hand-made) which are used to insert the ink in a much slower way, one dot at a time.

Hand-poke tattooing carried out by licensed artists is not to be confused with the term 'stick 'n' poke', which are kits that can be bought illegally online, encouraging people to tattoo themselves from home... something that neither myself and no doubt any of these artists would condone!

If you want a hand-poke tattoo, done properly by a truly talented and experienced artist, check out these 5 phenomenal UK hand-poke tattoo artists.
1. Mike Love (Facebook and Instagram), Leicester, UK
Family Guy hand-poke tattoo designs available, by Mike Love.
Hand-poke heart tattoo by Mike Love.
Hand-poke spider tattoo.
Hand-poke blast-over tattoo.
2. Boo Tattoo / Holly Snook (Facebook), Derby, UK
Art by Boo Tattoo.
Amazing that this was made with no tattoo machines! By Boo Tattoo.
100% no machines! By Boo Tattoo.
Toucan design by Boo Tattoo.
3. Hannah Rose / Handpoke Hannah (Instagram), Cleethorpes, UK
Hand-poke tattoo by Hannah Rose.
Mandala by Hannah Rose.
Geometric mandala dotwork hand-poke tattoo.
4. Grace Neutral (Facebook and Instagram), UK
Hand-poke mandala by Grace Neutral.
Hand-poke mandala tattoo by Grace Neutral.
The Little Mermaid hand-poke tattoo.
5. Ferank Manseed (Facebook), Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Design by Ferank Manseed.
Amazing hand-poke tattoo by Ferank Manseed.
Matching unalomes by Frank Manseed.