Thunder Buddies For Life: Ted Tattoos

Who doesn't want a tattoo of a talking teddy bear smoking something illegal? That's right - Ted tattoos!
Everyone needs a thunder buddy.
Ted is an American comedy film directed by Seth MacFarlane - in 2012 we saw Ted, and in 2015 we greeted Ted 2 (which was equally as epic).

A film about friendship, relationships, acceptance and Flash Gordon, I can see why someone would want this cute and hilarious talking teddy bear on their skin forever.

Realistic Ted by 夜魂刺青, China.
Ted tattoo design by Craig Wilson, Wakefield, UK.
Ted doing what he loves best by Karina Honey.
Evil Ted by Callum Els.
F*ck you thunder! By Mike Holes.
Matching Teds! By Adam James, Maidstone, UK.