Tiny But Mighty: Behind The Ear Tattoos

Tiny But Mighty: Behind The Ear Tattoos

The optimum place to get something small and personal - here are some behind the ear tattoos that are perfect!
Getting a tattoo on your face or neck is a pretty big step, and something I wouldn't recommend doing unless you're heavily tattooed and have a job that is not affected by being so.

That being said, behind the ear can be the perfect place to get something small, meaningful, that can be hidden when you wish if you've got long hair like me!

The ear's a really interesting place when it comes to your artist designing the right shaped tattoo. Designs that curve around or pop out from behind the ear can look phenomenal. All the tattoos below are perfectly placed to complement the shape of this area of the body.
Found him! Where's Wally tattoo by Dean Maddern, Australia. Instagram @deanmadderntattooist.
Little moon tattoo, artist unknown, from Instagram @dreamed_dream.
Bright peacock feather by Instagram @hachidtb.
Realistic rose behind the ear by Taylor Morrison, Instagram @iluziart.
Stunning tattoo by Jenna Kerr (Instagram @ennakerrtattoo).
Flaswless tattoo by Jennifer Yoko Verret (Instagram @jenniferyoko).
Simple Scorpio tattoo by Sarah (Instagram @la_french_sarah).
Origami dog tattoo by Luisa Manríquez (Instagram @laluchaeterna).
Traditional swallow, perfectly placed by Leon Walker (Instagram @leonwalker_tattoo).
Simple behind the ear tattoo by Instagram @luckyjiji.
Love the placement of this cat tattoo by Con Ele (Instagram @conlll).
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