Top 15 Of The Week: Faye Halliday, Rose Hardy & More

Top 15 Of The Week: Faye Halliday, Rose Hardy & More

A round up post of our most liked, most popular tattoos and artwork of the week!
Have we mentioned how much we love Instagram? Because we do. There's nothing like waking up to a cup of coffee and a feed of unbelievable artwork, that we have the privilege of sharing with all of you. So without further delay, we give you the most liked of the week, chosen - of course, by our loyal fan-base...
1. Faye Halliday
Faye Halliday gets down to business on a Lion wall mural. Instagram @fayehallidayart
2. Miryam Lumpini 
Bunnies and crazy color blending on this New School chest piece. Instagram @miryamlumpini
3. Rose Hardy
We're living for this stunning back-piece in progress. Instagram @rosehardy
4. Niki Norberg
We get it. You guys really love these eye tattoos. Instagram @niki23gtr
5. Griffen Gurzi
Basically all the classics in one beautiful, traditional tattoo. Instagram @griffengurzi
6. Thieves of Tower
Hard to go wrong with these stunning minimalistic Blackwork designs. Instagram @thievesoftower
7. Sam Barber
A realistic Color Portrait behind broken glass. Instagram @sambarbertattoo
8. Julia Coldfront
So. Many. Good. Tattoos. Instagram @thesoundofbreakingup
9. Eric Marcinizyn
Catrina and Day of the Dead tattoos are a favorite among our followers. Instagram @ericmarcinizyn
10. Mandee Bence
...and boyfriend Jason Blake Rotramel have our vote for #relationshipgoals. Instagram @mandeebence
11. @Arofrac
We're apparently all suckers for a pair of tattooed stems. Instagram @arofrac
12. Mosh
Instagram @moshink
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