Troubling Horror Realism By Sam Barber

Troubling Horror Realism By Sam Barber

Sam Barber specializes in color and black and grey realism, with a twist. The tattoos are fascinating - dark, sensual and creative.
Based in Manchester, UK, Samantha Barber has recently caught the attention of the tattoo community with a serie of amazing tattoos. Involving seductive women, horror elements and artistic compositions, her tattoos are literally jaw-dropping. Her broken glass pieces, especially, are very inspiring, both for tattoo lovers and other tattoo artists. The young woman is now travelling for guests and conventions, so if you love dark portraits, be sure to follow her career. Give her some love on Facebook and Instagram!
Dark yet sexy tattoo by Sam Barber
Creepy dance tattoo by Sam Barber
She also does beautiful portraits.
Terrific Walking Dead piece!
Seductive Dita Von Teese portrait by Sam Barber
Impressive neck tattoo.
For your clown phobia...
Another mysterious ballet dancer...
Freaky staircase...
Broken glass masterpiece...
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