Unordinary Tattoos Of Ilya Brezinski

Unordinary Tattoos Of Ilya Brezinski

Ilya Brezinski is tattooing everyday objects and turning them into art with dark dotwork.
Based in St Petersburg, Russia, Ilya Brezinski is a tattoo artist and illustrator creating monochrome pieces of art, both in skin and paper. Mastering blackwork and dotwork, he does poetic designs, from cold realism to dreamlike surrealism. His depiction of everyday life objects as well as animals and vegetables is indeed directly coming out from the realm of the subconscious and dreams. Visually striking, his tattoos are both bold, charming and full of humor. Proving that everything can be art, Ilya Brezinski hasn't finished astonishing us. Find him on Instagram for more dark and mysterious tattoos.
Hypnotizing pendulum.
Bold heron head piece.
Impressive bottle of wine tattoo by Ilya Brezinski.
Let's play darts.
Rad light bulb.
Old school floppy disk...
Charming olive branch.
Awesome vintage car tattoo by Ilya Brezinski.
Conceptual bike.
Natural light...
Another bike.
Gorgeous flower spine tattoo by Ilya Brezinski.
Surrealistic bird lady.
Lovely dark botanic.
Adorable dog.
For the artists.
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