We Love Watercolor Animal Tattoos

We Love Watercolor Animal Tattoos

Nothing shows the colorful, vivid nature of our animal kingdom like inventive watercolor tattoos!
Nature tattoos lend themselves perfectly to the watercolor tattoo technique.

For any tattoo intended to represent nature – something transient, ever-changing, living and breathing, the calm and flowing style of watercolor can be the perfect technique for evoking these themes and ideas.

Horses, birds, sea-creatures, large mammals... there's no animal that can't be captured effectively in a watercolor tattoo. Now, let's check out these lively animals.

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Cute giraffe tattoos by Adrian Bascur, Chile.
Abstract polar bear and poppy by Batt Tattoo, Scratchline Tattoo, London, UK.
Bird tattoo make completely of lines, by Darren Bishop, Glasgow.
Watercolor bear tattoo by Ivana Tattoo Art.
Colorful turtle tattoo by Josie Sexton, Middlesbrough, UK.
Watercolor fox tattoo by Kina Turner, Essex, UK.
Lion tattoo by Joanne Baker, UK.
Hummingbird tattoo by Lays Alencar.
Love the streak of color in this tattoo by Joanne Baker, UK.
Elephant tattoo by Mo Mori Tattoo.
Bright blue stag tattoo by Simona Borstnar.
Brightly colored horse by Beynur Kaptan.
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