Wednesday Addams Tattoos To Celebrate Weirdos

Wednesday Addams Tattoos To Celebrate Weirdos

Wednesday Friday Addams is the true heroine of weirdos. Stay weird with these wicked Wednesday Addams tattoos...
Who doesn't love her cynical humor, macabre hobbies and homicidal provocations? The character of the popular cartoon, TV serie and movies has been played by many actresses, with Christina Ricci being a favourite, but her captivating personality brought her beyond that. She is a great source of inspiration for art and Wednesday Addams tattoos are here to prove it. With her dark beauty, both gothic and grungy, she is perfect for all kind of creative tattoos, from minimalistic to trippy.
Fans of the Addams Family will love Wednesday Addams tattoos, but also all the proud weirdos and owners of dark humor...
Great colors by Aaron Lyons.
Fun one by Brett Burnham.
Great faceless piece by Cody Ryon Dresser.
Cool blackwork by Dr Skin Tattoo.
Terrific new school by Gina Fote!
Enticing pin-up by Hannah Aitchinson.
Rad piece by Joshua Bowers.
Creepy cool one by Kelly Doty.
Superb tribute by Marcus Maguire!
Yes, stay weird! By Megon Shoreclay.
Lovely one by Mewo Llama.
Creative piece by Nicholas Keiser.
Awesome Daria cross over by Rachel Baldwin...
Nice dotwork doll by Sarah Whitehouse.
Great three eyed portrait by Schuyler Abrams.
Trippy one by Steve Pelkey.
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