Weekly Tattoodude Roundup

Introducing: Tattoodude! Here at Tattoodo, we definitely do a lot of posting about our favorite tattooed babes.
And with good reason. Gorgeous girls with even more gorgeous artwork on their bodies? SOLD. What's not to love? However, something has come to my attention.
I recently put together a roundup of some of our funniest comments from December- and while I was sifting through the hundreds and hundreds of things people have written on our posts, there seemed to be a reoccurring sentiment...
Where are all the hot tattooed dudes?!
Sure, we do a "For the Ladies" post here and there, but it's pretty evident that the hot girl article-to hot dude article- ratio is pretty off. I'm here to change that.If there's one thing I know, and know very well, it is sexy tattooed men. That being said, I'm now officially making it a point -weekly- to give you guys a dose of some much needed, tattooed testosterone.
And now, Ladies... Gentleman... And you know, just anybody who enjoys a delicious tattooed beefcake every now and then- I bring you, the first Tattoodude Roundup of 2016. Enjoy!
1. Jimmy Q.
2. Ian Elkins
3. Savio DeChiara
4. Oliver Kult
5. Chris Perceval