Why Watercolor Can Make Your Script Tattoo Magnificent

Why Watercolor Can Make Your Script Tattoo Magnificent

Let color bring life to your script tattoo!
For me, unless you're going for a massive bad-ass font, small simple script tattoos look best when they're part of something bigger. Adding imagery or splashes of color to plain words can really bring your tattoo to life. 

These artists have used watercolor effects to allow these words and sayings to pop off the skin. If you're wanting to portray an important message with your script tattoo, go big, and go colorful!
Passion watercolor tattoo by Julia Dumps.
There's nothing more to be afraid of. By Russell Van Schaick.
Color creates the outline of a heart in this tattoo from Instagram @indian_tattoo.
My courage is faith, faith in the eternal resilience of me. By J Everett Medeiros.
Love tattoo by Julia Dumps.
All you need is love... love. By Lays Alencar.
While you're still young, find your heart and find your song. Tattoo by Jess Hannigan.
Classy and fabulous, by Olga Caca.
Shine on you crazy diamond. Pink Floyd tattoo by Tayfun Bezgin.
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