WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Opens Up About His Tattoo!

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Opens Up About His Tattoo!

Wrestling superstar Roman Reigns has an amazing Polynesian inspired tattoo, but do you know what it means!!
Leati Joseph Anoaʻi aka Roman Reigns is a WWE superstar who is rapidly rising up the wrestling ladder and will no doubt soon have the championships to show it. In the meantime however he has some awesome ink to show off instead. Covering the entirety of his right arm and right chest Reigns has a bold Polynesian style tattoo that has deep meaning and symbolism.
The sleeve was created by legendary tattoo artist Michael Fatutoa  aka "Samoan Mike" who currently tattoos from Sacred Center Tattoo, Florida, and was done while Reigns was based at the WWE training facility in Tampa.
Reigns' Awesome Tattoo
A significant part of his image Reigns tattoo is definitely badass and one of the best tattoos in the whole of the WWE and he recently took the time to open up and talk about what his tattoo means to him.
Perhaps not quite as iconic as his cousins, The Rock, Reigns' ink is certainly something to be appreciated and is a stunning example of Polynesian tattooing at its best.
Roman Reigns and The Rock Compare Tattoos!
The most meaningful part of Reigns epic sleeve is found on his inner wrist and is a small turtle dedicated to his daughter.
Roman Reigns Turtle Tattoo
Reigns has arguably the best tattoos in the WWE today and the meaning behind them is definitely apart of why they are so good and so inspiring.