10 Beautiful Geometric Heart Tattoos

10 Beautiful Geometric Heart Tattoos

Sacred geometry is the heart of all universal structures and these beautiful geometric heart tattoos symbolize this concept perfectly! <3
Black and Beautiful Geometric Dotwork Heart Tattoo by Daniel Meyer
Beautiful Geometric Heart tattoo by unknown artist.
Sacred Geometry can be observed in all forms of nature. It is the Heart of all manifestations of creation!
Cool Geometric Heart Tattoo by Jessica K.
Without the perfect geometry & mathematical proportions, this Universe won't be in order.
Indeed. And everything is made out of Love. Cool Geometric Heart Tattoo style by Karrie Arthurs.
Geometric Heart Tattoo by Logan Bramlett, Wanderlust Tattoo Society
Love the color pallette of this Geometric Heart tattoo. Artist unknown.
Isn't it amazing how everything works in perfect mathematical order? Heart tattoo
Awesome Geometric Heart Tattoo by Gleb Ivanov.
Geometric Heart Tattoo by Ink-Ognito
The anatomy of our bodies are also created in perfect geometry as thoroughly studied by Leonardo da Vinci & concluded by scientists.
Which makes this tattoo idea worth tattooing. Clean Geometric Heart Tattoo by Marla Moon
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