10 Beautiful Suikoden Tattoos

10 Beautiful Suikoden Tattoos

Want to see Japanese tattoos at their best? Then take a look at these beautiful Suikoden tattoos!
Suikoden tattoos are inspired by a classic Chinese folk story entitled Water Margin (Translatedas Suikoden in Japanese). The story tells of 108 hero-outlaws and their exploits against oppressive and corrupt rulers, in a similar style to Robin Hood. Interestingly the popularity of Suikoden in Japan actually aided the rise of tattooing. In the story a number of the hero-outlaws wear extensive Irezumi style tattoos which were depicted in a number of illustrations by artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi in 1827. Kuniyoshi's illustrations not only promoted the beautiful Irezumi of the story but the style of the artists work became one of the biggest influences on the artistic style and look of Japanese tattooing!!
Suikoden tattoos capture the beauty of both classic Japanese art and tattooing. A brilliant blend of color and style these Suikoden tattoos will have you wanting your own epic backpiece in no time. Take a look at these fine Suikoden tattoos and get ready to be impressed!
Suikoden Tattoo, artist unknown
Suikoden Tattoo by Horikuni Tattoo
Suikoden Tattoo by Horimasa
Suikoden Tattoo by Rob Mopar
Suikoden Tattoo by Horitetsu
Suikoden Tattoo by Koji Ichimaru
Suikoden Tattoo by Koji Ichimaru
Suikoden Tattoo by Howoon Tattooer
Suikoden Tattoo by Renke
Suikoden Tattoo by Kenji Shigerhara (In Progress)
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