10 Blessed Kolam Tattoos

10 Blessed Kolam Tattoos

Kolam tattoos are inspired by a traditional art from India intended for protection and celebration of gods.
Women of India are transmitting their knowledge and talent of kolam art to their daughters. This intricate geometric art, often made on the ground, is used to attract luck by praising gods such as Lakshmi. These traditional lines and curves have inspired tattoo artists who create their own kolam tattoos. Between Mehndi and mandalas, kolam tattoos are also very dainty and harmonious. Intricate and powerful, they are as spiritual as unalome tattoos, yet more ambitious.
Kolam tattoos are a beautiful tribute to this feminine art and to Indian culture. They are indeed ornamental, but you can believe in their lucky signification. We have collected some gorgeous kolam tattoos for your inspiration. Enjoy!
Delicate piece by Aadesh.
Geometric one by Corey Crowley.
Intricate tattoo by Dominique Holmes.
Forearm by Guy le tatooer.
Buddhist swastika by Max Well.
Elegant matching tattoos by Priscilla Kata.
Ornated mandala tattoo by Sarah Herzdame.
By Simon Petit-Jean.
By Victor J. Webster.
By Virginia Ottina.
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