10 Bold Baseball Furies Tattoos

10 Bold Baseball Furies Tattoos

One of the coolest part of the cult film 'The Warriors' was the awesome Baseball Furies and these Baseball Furies tattoos will show you why.
Dressed in classic baseball uniforms and sporting colorful face paint the Baseball Furies are a fictional gang in the iconic cult film The Warriors. "They are a group of real major leaguers who bring their A-game to every rumble. Packing bats and plenty of muscle, the Furies rep stretches through every network in NYC". Aside from their striking warpaint the Baseball Furies fearsome reputation is further enhanced by the fact that they never speak, instead using a piercing gaze while swinging a baseball bat to intimidate!
Baseball Furies tattoos are inspired by this cool and iconic gang, often featuring the leader of the furies Baseball Furies tattoos use the bright colors of the warpaint to create a standout tattoo. Movie tattoos make great ink and these tattoos definitely show it to be true. Enjoy!!
Baseball Furies Tattoo by Alex de Passe
by Kinfolk
Baseball Furies Tattoo by LaloGabba
Baseball Furies Tattoo by Marcuus Krampus
by Mike DeVries
by Wan Tattooer
Baseball Furies Tattoo by Gareth Bannister
Tattoo by Steve Lamantia
Baseball Furies Tattoo by Oash Rodriguez
Furies Tattoo, artist unknown
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