10 Calm & Majestic Landscape Tattoos

10 Calm & Majestic Landscape Tattoos

Relax yourself at the sight of these 10 Calm & Majestic Landscape tattoos that will give your mind & soul a break from this stressful world.
Would be awesome to wake up to this each and every morning. Beautiful Landscape tattoo by unknown artist. Pls let us know if you do!
Morning coffee at this place? YES!!! Such an inviting Landscape Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit.
Landscape Tattoos can be wrapped around, or placed on a spacious spot like on the upper arms, chest, front or back. It can also work as a great theme for a full sleeve!
This black & grey Landscape Tattoo is beautifully placed and stunning even just in black!
Would love to run around & break free in this place! Gorgeous Landscape Tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin
The forest would be a nice place for solitude. Awesome realistic Landscape Tattoo done at Nitro Tattoos.
Would love to jump into this tattoo & swim right about now! *cries*
The colors and mood of this painter style tattoo evokes a feeling of peace & calm.
Couples can also get it as a cool matching tattoo! <3 Photo credit: Mark Stern.
Love the sunny vibrant colors in this Landscape Tattoo by Mo Malone. I can almost smell the flowers!!!
Are you a nature lover as well? Share with us your nature-inspired tattoos and get featured! Have a fresh & sunny day, everyone! :-)
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