10 Glorious Tutankhamun Mask Tattoos

10 Glorious Tutankhamun Mask Tattoos

The mask of Tutankhamun is one of the most recognized artifacts in all of history and Tutankhamun mask tattoos celebrate its legacy!!
Tutankhanmun's mask is the death mask of Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun who ruled between 1332–1323 BC. Becoming pharaoh aged 9 Tutankhamun would rule for just 10 years before succumbing to ill health and dying young. Buried in the Valley of the Kings King Tut would remain undisturbed until 1922 when English archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter discovered the boy kings tomb. To date Tutankhamun's tomb is the most well preserved and complete royal Egyptian tomb ever discovered! Resting on his body was the death mask that has become the most famous artifact from Ancient Egypt ever found and recognized the world over.
Tutankhamun's mask has been described as "not only the quintessential image from Tutankhamun's tomb, it is perhaps the best-known object from ancient Egypt itself". Tutankhamun mask tattoos take the iconic death mask of Ancient Egypt's most famous pharaoh and put it into dazzling tattoos! So if Ancient Egypt is your thing then these Tutankhamun mask tattoos will most definitely please you!
Tutankhamun Tattoo by @monkeytoy
In Progress Tutankhamun Tattoo by Zsofia Belteczky
Tutankhamun Tattoo by Diego Ojeda
Tutankhamun Tattoo by Eugen Mahu
Tutankhamun Tattoo by Jerry Magni
Tutankhamun Tattoo by Kelly Smith
Tutankhamun Tattoo by Maxwell Alves
Tutankhamun Tattoo by Nico Negron
Tutankhamun Tattoo by Rich Pineda
Tutankhamun Tattoo by Ritual Art Tattoo
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