10 Guitar Tattoos That Rock

10 Guitar Tattoos That Rock

Classic, acoustic or electric, get your rock'n'roll vibes on with cool guitar tattoos!
Music lovers and musicians are dedicated tattoo collectors, inking tribute to their favorite sound. Guitar tattoos are a great way to show your love for music. You can play with the beautiful shapes of the instrument or you can focus on details. Guitar tattoos are great in any style, from realistic tribute to guitarists to more surrealistic art. Are you more classic, folk or hard rock??? Get some inspiration right now with these cool guitar tattoos...
Just play... By Adrian Lazaro.
Badass piece by Carlos Torres...
Nice one by Fabrice Toutcourt.
Subtle geometric piece by Jakub Nowicz.
One of the most poetic guitar tattoos out there! By John Brass.
Rad rock'n'roll tribute by Monkey Bob.
Cool traditional piece by Myke Chambers.
Black and grey tattoo by Richie Bon.
Creative tattoo by Tayfun Bezgin.
Minimalistic one by Timothy Lebron.
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