10 Haunting Yurei Tattoos

10 Haunting Yurei Tattoos

Yurei tattoos are inspired by the eerie spirits of Japanese folklore and mythology, will you be brave enough to get a Yurei tattoo?!?
Yurei are the Japanese equivalent of what in the western world are called ghosts. Figures in classic Japanese beliefs and folklore Yurei are spirits kept on earth, away from a peaceful afterlife. Yurei are created when a person dies suddenly, usually by murder or suicide, and is buried without the proper rituals being carried out or with the person dying with unresolved issues fueled by emotions such as 'revenge, love, jealousy, hatred or sorrow'. The Yurei then exists on earth until the proper rituals have been carried out or the conflict which keeps it from rest is resolved.
Yurei tattoos are inspired by the classic image of a Yurei, a creepy figure dressed in white, with black hair and lifeless limbs. A truly haunting design Yurei tattoos are not tattoos you'll see everyday, so take the opportunity to see them now.
Yurei Tattoo by Andrew Wheeler
Yurei Tattoo by Chris O'Donnell
Yurei Tattoo by Horitsuki
Yurei Catfish Tattoo by Alessio Ventimiglia
Yurei Tattoo by Lighthouse Tattoo
Yurei Tattoo by Vincent Penning
Yurei Tattoo by Macho Tattooer
Yurei Tattoo by Nicolau Constantinos
Yurei Tattoo by Pauline Tabur
Yurei Tattoo by Vincent Penning
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