10 Light Koinobori Tattoos

If you love Japanese culture, Koinobori tattoos are poetic twist to koi fish tattoos...
Koinobori are also called flying carps. These poetic windsocks are used in Japan to celebrate Children's day. Koinobori tattoos are colorful and refined. They are great counterpart to classic koi fish tattoos. They are inspired by the legend of the koi turning into a dragon. Very light and delicate, they fly on the wind with grace.
Koinobori tattoos are also symbol of childhood, especially for little boys. Joyful, Koinobori tattoos are great way to celebrate Japanese culture. Get some sweet inspiration with these beautiful examples...
Great piece by Clock Tattoo.
Nice one by Encre Mécanique.
Beautiful tattoo by Horimono.
Cute tattoo by Horizaru!
Small one by Ian Wiedrick.
Gap filler by Jee Sayalero.
Jee Sayalero does great koinobori tattoos!
Bold one! Please credit.
Poetic piece by Morg Armeni.
A full sleeve by Romain Triptik.