10 Lucky Rabbit's Foot Tattoos

10 Lucky Rabbit's Foot Tattoos

Fancy a bit of extra luck? Then checkout these rabbits foot tattoos before going and getting your own!
Across a number of cultures a rabbit's foot is carried as an amulet/charm that brings good luck and fortune to the carrier. Europe, China, Africa, and North and South America are just a few of the places where the superstition is held. The origins of the belief are said to come from Celtic practices around 600BC. Interestingly it is the left hind foot of the rabbit that is considered lucky and it must also have been shot or otherwise captured in a cemetery. In some variations of the superstition, the rabbit must have been shot by a silver bullet under a full moon or on Friday 13th!
Rabbit's foot tattoos may not have the same supernatural luck of an actual rabbits foot but they still make a sweet little tattoo that is said to bring good fortune. Great as a filler tattoo rabbit's foot tattoos are a quirky design with an intriguing back story. If you're thinking of getting your own rabbit's foot tattoo then take a look at these examples and get some awesome inspiration!
Rabbit's Foot Tattoo by Andrew Joseph
Rabbit's Foot Tattoo by Callie Marie
Rabbit's Foot Tattoo by Carlos Vargas
Rabbit's Foot Tattoo by Ellis Arch
Rabbit's Foot Tattoo by Jacob Zamore
Rabbit's Foot Tattoo by James Cumberland
Rabbit's Foot Tattoo by Jennifer Moore
Rabbit's Foot Tattoo by Martin Fletcher
Rabbit's Foot Tattoo by Nichola Pierpoint
Rabbit's Foot Tattoo by Sara Austin
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